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Preservation Pencil


The Preservation Pencil is supplied with an ultrasonic humidifier.
It is used for the removing glue, resins, labels, separating layers, activating adhesives and enzymes, relaxing and cleaning.
The cold moisture produced by the humidifier is heated by the Preservation Pencil to the desired temperature (from room temperature to 100 °C), and the humidity level can be adjusted from the humidifier. As a result, a fine jet of moisture (or dry) air is produced and remains at precise and constant levels of temperature and humidity.


- Ultrasonic humidifier
- Preservation Pencil with ergonomic design and demineralization filter
- Temperature control unit with digital display
- 3 different interchangeable jet nozzles
- 1.6 m hose

Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz