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Conservation of Photographs: Thirty Years of Science

International Conference
Logroño, Spain 2011

The lectures gathered in this book were written for the International Conference “Photo Conservation 2011-Thirty Years of Photograph Conservation Science” held in Logroño (Spain) on June 20-23, 2011, by the Casa de la Imagen with the scientific direction by Ángel M. Fuentes.

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ISBN: 978-84-608-4647-5

Title: Conservación de fotografías: 30 años de ciencia/Conservation of photographs: 30 years of science
Publisher: Jesús Cía (CAAP)
Bilingual (spanish/english) texts from 14 authors
Format: 24 x 29 cm
320 pages
500 copies
ISBN: 978-84-608-4647-5

Introduction by Grant Romer

Joan Boadas y David Iglésias
The Evolution of the Spanish Archives Funds in the Treatment of Photography: a Path Towards Specialization

Anne Cartier-Bresson & Cécile Bosquier-Britten
A general management model for the conservation of photographs with regard to collections in the City of Paris
The French institutional awakening of the 1980s: regarding the conservation and restoration of photographs

Ángel M. Fuentes
Photography or photographic information?
The impact of the exhibition on original photographic material.
The evolution of the criteria for the direct protection of originals. Alternative techniques of cultural exploitation.

Debra Hess Norris
Global Advances and New Directions in Graduate Conservation Education.

Nora W. Kennedy
The Role of Photograph Conservation in Museums.

Bertrand Lavédrine
Scientific Research as the Foundation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

Paul Messier
Photographic Papers in the 20th Century
Methodologies for Authentication, Understanding and Dating.

Peter Mustardo
The Evolution of Photograph Conservation Treatment over the Past Thirty-five years

Fernando Osorio
The Role of Private Institutions in the Photographic Collections.

Luis Pavão

Evolution of the working criteria in the model of Portugal.

Clara M. Prieto
The Network: a Gold Mine or a Mine Field.

James M. Reilly
Evolution of the Science of Photograph Conservation through 25 Years of Research at the Image Permanence Institute.

Jesús Robledano
Twenty-five years of digital conversion. Current situation.

Henry Wilhelm, Carol Brower, Kabenla Armah y Barbara C. Stahl
The Permanence and care of Analog and Digital Color Photographs
Forty-Seven Years of Research and Publications: 1966 to 2013
The Wilhelm Analog and Digital Color Print Materials Reference Collection: 1971 to 2013