Laser Foil-backed adhesive label - 11,1 x 47,6 mm View larger

Laser Foil-backed adhesive label

Pack of 2520 units

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  • 11'1 x 47'6 mm (sheet 215'9 x 279'4 mm)

Perma/Seal® foil-backed laser labels provide archivists, conservators, curators and other collection care specialists with a variety of acid-free label formats for their laser printers. All feature a non-yellowing, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The foil back provides an extra barrier between the acid-free paper and the adhesive to prevent bleed through and to enhance the ability of the label to adhere to rounded or other irregularly shaped items. Note: These labels should not be used directly on valuable artwork, documents, artifacts or photographs.

Pack of 2520 units.