Foil-backed adhesive label - 19,1 x 38,1 mm View larger

Foil-backed adhesive label

Pack of 1000 units

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  • 25'4 x 38'1 mm (sheet 154 x 254 mm)
  • 22'2 x 31'8 mm (sheet 127 x 210 mm)
  • 25'4 x 50'8 mm (sheet 109 x 216 mm)
  • 19'1 x 38'1 mm (sheet 126 x 238 mm)

Smudge proof and flexible, these permanent, white, foil-backed labels are coated with our special formulation of Perma/Seal® acid-free acrylic adhesive that really does stick to boxes, books, polyester, etc. The unique foil barrier prevents surface inks from penetrating the label and affecting the material beneath. Conversely, the adhesive cannot penetrate the foil to attack the ink and cause excessive fading. Labels have rounded corners and are die-cut on continuous perforated sheets for easy typing.

Pack of 1000 units