Timelock™ Envelope

Timelock™ envelope for the storage of photographic negatives.
Designed to avoid the use of any adhesives to ensure the absolute safety of photographic negative masters that do not require frequent handling. For the long term storage of the most precious and sensitive photographic archive material, where the utmost caution has to be taken against degradation from contact with potentially harmful elements such as adhesives that may, in time, react with the enclosed material.
Made of unbuffered high purity 100% cotton paper.


- 100% cotton fibre
- pH 6.7
- Unbuffered
- Non satin surface to allow maximum transpiration
- Glue free
- O.B.A.'s free (optical brightening agents)
- Reducible sulphur, as S, mg/kg, (ppm) less than 1
- Low ash content: 0,06%
- P.A.T. Photographic Activity Test (ANSI ISO 18916)
- Silver Tarnish Test
- Long Life ISO 9706 (Permanence Test)

Colour: White

Weight: 80 g/m2
Pack: 200 units