4 Flap Enclosure

Made from unbuffered 100% cotton paper, these single piece die-cut enclosures are cruciform-shaped, have four flaps and they are seamless and adhesive free.
Designed for the storage of photographic glass plates, film negatives and prints.

These enclosures are available in most common glass plate sizes, and specific sizes and designs can be made upon request.

Photographic glass plates can be stored safely with no risk of pressure marks and can also be viewed without being removed from their protective coating by just unfolding the flaps.


- 100% cotton fibre
- pH 6.7
- Unbuffered
- Non satin surface to allow maximum transpiration
- Glue free
- O.B.A.'s free (optical brightening agents)
- Reducible sulphur, as S, mg/kg, (ppm) less than 1
- Low ash content: 0,06%
- ANSI Photographic Activity Test IT9.2 (ISO 10214)
- Silver Tarnish Test
- Long Life ISO 9706 (Permanence Test)

Colour: White

Weight: 80 | 250 g/m2