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ArtSorb cassette

ArtSorb is a silica product sensitive to moisture, taking it in or giving it off from the air compensating environmental changes of the space where it is located. It is used to regulate the relative humidity of showcases in exhibitions, creating a suitable microclimate inside these showcases placed in rooms which are too dry, wet or subjected to a fluctuating climate. Its capacity is much greater than current silica gel, increasing 5 times its effectiveness, working even better in environments with high relative humidity.

Easier to handle than beads. It does not need trays or containers. Re-conditioning to their original RH-value can be done easily by weight. The cassettes are made of polypropylene and permeable polyester non-woven. The sealant is a hot melt adhesive on a polyethylene base. Pre-conditioned to 50% RH.