Temperature and Relative Humidity Logger View larger

Temperature and Relative Humidity Logger

Tintag View 2 temperature and relative humidity Logger, grey color, with display.
Configurations: Built-in sensors / external probe.

Capacity: 30,000 readings
Display: 4 digits + indicators
Display modes: ºC or ºF / % HR
Display refresh rate: Every 2 seconds (alternating temperature / humidity)
Start options: manual / delayed
Stop Options: When Fill / After n Readings / Never (Overwrite)
Reading types: Actual, Min, Max
Logging Interval: From 1 second to 10 days
Alarms: 2 fully programmable

Reading features (temperature):
Reading range: -25 to +50 °C (built-in sensor) / -25 to +85 °C (ext. probe)
Sensor Type: 10K NTC Thermistor
Display resolution: 0.1 °C

Reading features (relative humidity):
Reading range: 0 to 100% HR
Sensor Type: Capacitive
Display Resolution: 0.1% HR

Diameter: 60 mm
Length: 90 mm
Width: 77 mm
Depth: 35 mm
Weight: 150 g

External probe:
Length 70 mm, Diameter 8 mm, Cable length 1500 mm.

IP Rating: IP65 splash proof
Operational range (exposure): -25 to +70 °C