Bookkeeper - Spray Can 150 gr View larger


  • Refill Bottle (without spray) 900 gr
  • Spray Can 150 gr

Books and documents printed on acidic paper can weaken over time and become brittle. Deacidification is the most effective method to preserve books and manuscripts in their original form. Deacidification technology neutralizes the acid harboured in paper and provides an alkaline reserve. It is a technology designed to halt the deterioration of paper caused by acid. Bookkeeper® Spray Products safely treat single items, including manuscripts, documents, clippings, maps, posters, and other paper-based materials contained in modern library and archival collections. Bookkeeper® suspension is virtually odor free and dries in minutes. It does not damage inks, adhesives, or binding materials. It is non-clogging, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and contains no CFC’s and is completely safe for the environment. The products do not expire.

Container: Spray Can | Refill Bottle