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Cold Suction Table


Cold Suction Table

Rf. 701007
Size Guide
DIN and folio paper formats
A5 210 × 148.5 mm
A4 297 × 210 mm
Folio 315 × 215 mm
Extended Folio 346 × 248 mm
A3 420 × 297 mm
A2 594 × 420 mm
A1 841 × 594 mm
A0 841 × 1189 mm
Photography formats
P1 203 × 254 mm
P2 254 × 305 mm
P3 305 × 406 mm
PX 356 × 279 mm
P4 406 × 508 mm
P5 508 × 610 mm
Glass plate formats
P0 127 × 178 mm
PZ 254 × 178 mm

How to measure

The measurements are placed in order of length x width (or depth) and height. (LxWxH)

For a 2-dimensional object, such as a painting or a sheet of paper, the measurements are placed in the order of length and width. 

For example, if a painting measures 70 cm long and 50 cm wide, it would be written as 70 x 50 cm. (LxW)

Box measurements:

The Internal Measurements of the box are the useful size of the box. That is, the measures that you can take advantage of for storage.

The External Measurements are when the box is completely closed.

Table size



Low pressure Cold Suction Table specially designed for restoration of paper, documents, prints, paintings, watercolors, textiles, etc.
It is a standard for Paper Conservation worldwide.


- Provides a uniform vacuum on the entire working surface.
- Table constructed completely of aluminum with perforated top.
- Removable polypropylene screen that increases airflow under the object.
- The entire unit is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.
- Potentiometer to adjust the speed of the motor, being able to apply the exact pressure.
- Treatments: manipulation of inserts, adjustment of distortions, water treatments (spot leafcasting, removal of stains and tapes, vellum treatments, etc.)

Components Included:

- Enhanced suction platen with Crossflow* function
- Transparent and removable acrylic humidity dome
- Ultrasonic humidifier and connecting hose
- Vacuum Control Console with single/dual motor (depending on the size of the table)
- Support Stand with electrical adjustable height and manual tilt capacity, or non-adjustable heavy-duty steel base for larger sized tables.

*Crossflow: This is an exclusive feature of the Suction Table. When activated, it directs air upwards while maintaining an overall vacuum. For certain treatments, this air circulation allows drying objects from the bottom part even when they are completely covered.

Other table sizes are available.