PVC Washing Tray System with support structure View larger

PVC Washing Tray System with support structure

The PVC Washing Tray System has been designed for multiple paper and textile conservation treatments: rinsing, washing, whitening, deacidifying, etc.
The set consists of two trays made of PVC and equipped with outflow pipe. The trays are designed in a way that the smaller one can be placed crosswise to the larger one.
As standard (ref. 701426), the trays do not have their own support structure.
The white steel structure epoxy varnished is the recommended complement (ref. 701419).
The smaller tray has four plastic legs, so it can be placed inside the larger tray.
The third element of the system is a transparent 50 cm-wide base made of plexiglass that can be placed transversely to the large tray as a board for restored objects.


External dimensions: 1700 x 1000 x 900 mm
Inner dimensions
Large tray: 1680 x 980 x 160 mm (max. using depth: 120 mm)
Small tray: 880 x 780 x 100 mm (max. using depth: 80 mm)
Transparent movable stand: 500 x 1000 mm
Max. use capacity: 190 litres
Working temperature: 35 ºC max.
Outflow large tray: 1" male thread (+ ball valve)
Weight: approx. 95 kg total (approx. 62 kg without stand)
Colour: White