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Box with grid

Drop Spine Box with fixed spine and inner grid for storing photographic rolls of 35 mm and 120 formats.
Made from Premier grade 1300 micron Archival boxboard. This board is acid free, lignin free and elemental chlorine free, with very low reducible sulphur content as required for the safe storage of photographic prints and negatives. It protects against light, dust and humidity. It has double walls on three sides of the base which give extra rigidity, strength and an extra layer of protection against fire and water.

Material: Premier Archival Board, 1300 microns

Colour: Grey (external) and White (internal)


- High alpacellulose fibres content
- pH 7.5 - 9.5
- Buffered (average 3%) calcium carbonate (ISO 9706)
- EVACON R lamination adhesive (plasticiser free)
- Acid-free
- Internally sized with Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD)
- Externally sized with Non-Ionic Farina Starch
- Lignin-free (ASTMD 1030)
- O.B.A.'s free (optical brightening agents)
- Reducible Sulphur less than 0.8 parts per million (0,0008%) (TAPPI T406)
- P.A.T. Photographic Activity Test (ISO 18916)
- Permanent and durable quality ISO 16245-A Type A

- Photo-safe conforms to ISO 18902:2007(E)

- Lightfast - min 5 Blue Wool Scale test (BS1006:97 & TAPPI T475)

Capacity: 100 rolls

Grid size: 29 x 30 mm
Box internal size: 320 x 310 x 45/70 mm
Formats: 35 mm | 120