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Timecare® Museum Board

Designed for conservation, this 100% Cotton Board is a high standard for the Museum mounting.
Being almost 100% pure alpha cellulose, it requires less processing than wood sourced fibres.
The board passes the P.A.T. and Silver Tarnish tests, so is therefore suitable for all media including photographs.
Surface absorption is appropriate for Washline mounts because of the special sizing applied to the surface of the paper.
For mounting certain types of photograph such as gelatine, albumen and dye transfer prints, which prefer a less alkaline environment, Off White and Dull-White is offered unbuffered.
These unbuffered boards are also used by textile conservators for the mounting and storage of wool and silk.


- pH 7.5 - 9
- 100% cotton fibre (except Black colour - 90%)
- Acid-free
- Lignin-free
- Sulphur-free
- Buffered with calcium carbonate (except Off White and Dull White - unbuffered)
- Internally sized with Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD)
- Externally sized with Non-Ionic Farina Starch
- O.B.A.'s free (optical brightening agents)
- Lightfast - min 5 Blue Wool Scale test (BS1006:97 & TAPPI T475)
- Silver Tarnish test (ASTM D2043)
- P.A.T. Photographic Activity Test (ISO 18916)
- Museum level Fine Art Trade Guild (FAT G)
- EVACON R™ lamination adhesive (plasticiser free)


- Museum mounting of prints, drawings and photographs
- Conservation framing
- Museum exhibition and display
- Photographic storage and conservation
- Manufacturing of boxes
- Bookbinding
- Library conservation