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Fome-Cor® Foam Board

Pack of 25 units

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Fome-Cor® is the ideal choice for conservation mounting applications. It is an ultra smooth and rigid foam board which simplifies production, resists warping and cuts cleanly, while providing consistency and great quality.


- Acid free
- Inert, extruded polystyrene core bonded between high quality papers
- Surface papers do not contain lignin, ground or wood rosin sizing
- pH 7.5 - 9.5
- Buffered with calcium carbonate to an alkaline reserve of 3 - 5%
- Meets the quality standards as set by the F.A.T.G. (Fine Art Trade Guild)


- Framing
- Exhibitions
- Model making
- Box making
- Artworks

Colour: White C3

Thickness: 3 | 5 mm
Format: 1016 x 1524 mm

Pack of 25 units